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About Us

Having served in the areas of import-export, textile and consultancy since 2010, we as Mhy-Alm Home Collection, have been trying hard to contribute to our customers at most together with the wide experience which we improve day by day in import and export, believing that team spirit is the most significant power in achieving success.

Being a partner as well as a solution partner to the manufacturers and suppliers which struggle to widen the market they target, we provide professional service on market research, finding potential buyers, deciding on the most appropriate and efficient way of trade according to the demands of the both of themselves and buyers, bringing the both parties together for a long-lasting trade on a manner of mutual trust and making sure that each trade concludes perfectly.

For the products and raw materials that the manufacturers and suppliers that operate in our country need but can not procure in our country or do not prefer because of the high costs or lack of quality, we do international market research in order to find manufacturers/suppliers of those materials with the most economical prices, desirable quality and of course with the most appropriate conditions of trade and manage both parties to have an unproblematic trade.

Additionally, as per the requirements of the manufacturers and final buyers, we as Mhy-Alm Home Collection, do the related export-import by ourselves in our organization, serving our customers with high quality and Mhy-Alm Home Collection assurance. By this way we assure that our customers obtain the products they demand without spending their valuable time on international trading procedures.


Having Served In The Areas Of Import-Export, Textile And Consultancy Since 2010

Besides all, in scope of export-import consultancy, the services we provide but not limited to those are as follows:

  • Determining the domestic/international exhibitions and fairs that our customers can participate in compliance to their target areas, and make necessary connections,
  • Reviewing of the current introduction documents, offer files and letters and make the corrections and contributions if necessary,
  • Submission of commercial offers to the relevant companies
  • Answering the questions on the products that come from the parties in foreign language,
  • Organizing the interviews to be held between the sellers and buyers and related business trips.

Vision & Mission

We operate being aware that, for a manufacturer or supplier, the only way to be competitive and hold on to the great and expanding market of the shrinking world is that the products must find buyers in not only domestic market but also in international markets.

Mhy-Alm, in international trading business, by determining the needs of the customers that she accepts as a partner in both domestic and international market, and by analyzing their requirements, is dedicated to do the best with the professional team to increase the profitability of the customers and promote their brand name, as an essential principle.

Together with her expert personnel, working customer oriented, Mhy-Alm shall definitely continue being the greatest supporter of the customers in the areas they need in international trade, and shall manage to be a company with worldwide organizational network by the innovative operational methods that she develops.